CFP3 + ActiveSync

Hi folks

since I have switched from V2 to V3 ActiveSync is not longer able to connect with my PNA.
So in the last days I searched the forum for hints and I found some global rules to create, port sets to establish and so on.
Unfortunately no of this hints made my PNA visible to ActiveSync. ???
Funny is that ActiveSync automatically starts as soon as I connect my PNA. Also The PNA plays the sound he normally plays when there is a connection established between the devive and ActiveSync
But after some time ActiveSync tells me that it cannot find a device (why is it then starting?)

Has anyone has an idea what I can do?
I do not want to uninstall CFP…but maybe I have to to get access to my PNA data.



What’s the current rule set that you’re using for ActiveSync?

Anyways, I think these Global Rule should work:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP
Direction: In
Source Adress: Any
Destination Adress: Your IP/MAC/Hostname
Source port: Any
Destination port: 990,999,5678,5721,26675 (create a port set)

Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP
Direction: Out
Source Adress: Your IP/MAC/Hostname
Destination Adress: Any
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 5679

Rememeber to put them above all blocking rules.


Thanks for your reply, Ragwing,

I tried your rule set (I think it´s the same like under “;msg122067#msg122067” and the linked hints.

Unfortunately it is nor working for me. I get the same message from ActiveSync like before
(Could not found a device…)

Nevertheless thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.



Are you running CFP .295 (the latest, greatest)? If so, I may have an answer for your issue.

I just upgraded to .295 yesterday and had some trouble getting my Pocket PC connected also. I sifted through the rules and other areas of both the Firewall and Defense+ without any success. What I did find that worked was a Network Zone setting.

Under Firewall \My Network Zones you should have a Zone named “Windows Mobile-based Device”. This Zone was created when I first connected my mobile device. It turns out I needed to check the option to allow all computers in the network to have access. I can’t find a way to change this particular setting so I simply deleted this Zone and when I reconnected my device the Zone was detected again at which point I enabled the access setting. Afterwards my device connected as it always did before.

I hope this is helpful.

By the way, I’ve been using CFP since just before V3 rolled out. I love the product and find this forum to be fantastic. I registered just now since this seemed to be an issue I (hopefully) have an answer for.