CFP with "limited user account" = security risk ?

Hi Folks,

I changed setup on my PC recently where I install programs as administrator but I use “limited account” (Users group) for everyday use. Ownership of Program Files\Comodo\ etc is by administrator and users can only execute and read (that is me when using computer on day to day basis). Funny thing happened. I noticed that as “limited user” I could reconfigure firewall as I pleased. To me this looks like a security issue, for couple of reasons:

(1) Hacker can get in as me and change settings

(2) This is not the case, but in principle it could be, some other user on a computer does something stupid to firewall configuration and ■■■■ all people on machine get hurt.

Appologies if this issue was addressed already (I searched for the answers on this forum but could not find anything).


Hi Zoran,

V3 (due on April 16th for public beta testing) will have password protection for any configuration changes. Hopefuly this will make it into the first cut of the beta.

Ewen :slight_smile: