CFP V3 Skins

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This post explaines as how CFP 3.0 can be skinned (or multiple themes can be created). Although we are working on a skinning tool that can facilitate you to create skin in an automated way, but till we come up with that skinning tool here are the manual steps:

After you have installed CFP and it’s up and running:

  1. Go to firewall installation folder, which is by default ‘%Program Files/Comodo/Firewall’ and create a folder under that as ‘Themes’.

  2. Copy ‘%Documents and Settings<username>\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles’ folder inside ‘Themes’ folder and you can rename ‘ResFiles’ folder as you wish, say ‘Custom’.

  3. Go to ‘%Program Files/Comodo/Firewall/Themes/Custom’ and open ‘prdinfo.ini’ file. Under ‘INFO’ section, you have two entries ‘ProductName’ and ‘ThemeName’, you can change ‘ProductName’ to whatever you wish to see as product title and ‘ThemeName’ as whatever you want to see as listed under ‘Miscellaneous -->Settings -->Themes’ combo box. In addition to that, you can change any image placed inside ‘%Program Files/Comodo/Firewall/Themes/Custom’ and it will reflect that in CFP’s GUI. Please always make sure that dimension and type of image is always same while changing images.

  4. Go to ‘Miscellaneous -->Settings -->Themes’ and select the theme name. Exit fom CFP and then start CFP again. You should see the product name as you entered as application title and default theme selection as you selected last and any image you changed should reflect in GUI.

[u]How to share skins?

Once you have created a skin and given it a name, you can make that folder created under Themes available to others and this way they can copy that under their ‘Themes’ folder. All we have to make sure that we don’t have two theme names as same, so ‘ThemeName’ value mentioned in every ‘prdinfo.ini’ should have unique name.

Please do post screen shots of new styles, just to see how creative you have been [/u]