CFP v3 really needs a tutorial

I know this has been talked about and there’s a plan to create a Wiki, but that seems a long way off. Now that CFP v3 is generally available it really needs a tutorial to make it more accessible. I installed it for a while but found the GUI too complex and non-standard. Are there any training resources available yet?

Best information is in the Help file, which is actually rather tutorial and reasonably comprehensive.

I wish it was a bit more comprehensive :frowning: like for instance about Defense+ and firewall alerts it only speaks of a couple types/options what they are used for like “web browser” “install updater” “trusted application” “isolated application” but thats only 1/4th of them that it details and offers any explaination for, so that we know what those types/options can be used for. The other rest it doesn’t mention or say anything about :frowning: which I think is important since it does stress that we should try to use the right Type/option for applications as to limit their access rights or give them the exact amount they require without giving too much they don’t need, which would better tighten the security of our system.

Well thats cool but since there is no detail or explaination for three quarter of the alert types, well… its just a bugger its like the help file assumes that we should just know these things, well some maybe do but the rest don’t including me, thats why i read the help file expecting to learn about them things but its a bugger when there is no information about them things.