CFP v3 latest build crashes on SP1, yet, it still works

This is not a help request, but rather a odd situation I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing it.

Yesterday I set up a virtual machine to see if all my applications would run smoothly on Windows Vista SP1. And they all did. All but CFP v3, that everytime I start the system it appears the firewall window crash. Despite this situation, it still works.

I know that on the system requirements it does not mention it supports Windows Vista SP1, but I think this is just a bug. Otherwise wouldn’t work at all.

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Running SP1 here, No problems- This could be a possible security conflict?


Thanks for the feedback Josh. I had that fact (possible security conflict) in consideration. After all it could had been that the cause for the “stupid” crash, for I also tried a few new security applications which I do not have on my “real” system. So this time, on a new virtual machine, I just installed Comodo Firewall Pro v3 (latest one) and the crash still occurs. As I mentioned before, the firewall is still working 100%, but everytime the system starts that crash window appears.

I find it odd. Perhaps is it because it’s being tested on a virtual machine?

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Strange indeed.

Can you try uninstalling other Real-Time Security apps for now, Reinstall CFP 3 and let us know if the crash still occurs?

If it works- Then there is definitely something CFP 3 is fighting with.


That’s what I just did. I made a clean install of CFP 3 on a new virtual machine with SP1 installed, without any other security applications. Everytime I reboot the system, the CFP 3 window crash appears. But it works fine.

Could it be for being on an virtual environment?

Very possible. What is your Virtual Machine app? VirtualBox?
Some users have similar issue when running CF inside VirtualBox (some info here).

Yes, I am using VirtualBox.
CFP has full functionally, though. Just the initial window crash. No big deal, but I am going to check it out on the next few says using VirtualPC. Just to figure out if it is just a virtual environment problem, or something related to SP1. Which I doubt, for 3xist mentions he is using SP1. So I guess it is in fact VirtualBox.

Thanks for the feedback.

If you are using CF v3.0.25, can you please send crashdump using crashrep window or manually to with dump(s) attached. Thanks in advance.