CFP v3 blocking attemps

i got CFP v3 to work correctly after having it stop my internet connection at random times. i think it was the fact that i had Kaspersky installed aswell?

anyways, ive had it running since i first Dl’d CFP, and it has blocked 4643 intrusion attemps so far. Is this… normal? it is set to train with safe mode.

Defense+ has blocked 19 with clean pc mode.

Take a look at your logs. An intrusion attempt is just something that Comodo has blocked and logged, Depending on your configuration and usage, there are usually lots of things that would like to connect to you but are unnecessary for your operations, so CFP blocks them. To reset the intrusion attempts to 0, you can just turn CFP off then on again. If you can post some of your log data there are users who can probably help identify the source of the blocked attempts. :slight_smile:

i see. well i looked at the firewall events, and its blocking avast4\ashServ.exe through ICMP protocol.

Do you have a firewall rule for ashserv.exe yet? That seems like a safe program to allow. Add a rule under ashserv.exe in firewall/advanced/network security policy to treat ashserv.exe as a trusted application. If no rule exists, go to add, select ashserv.exe, and make the rule. This is generally what you need to do for applications that are blocked that you want to allow, although you may want to limit the scope for some others.

I have a question, why does ashserv.exe try to send dns request and ICMP message to somewhere. Isn’t that bad? its an antivirus!? update is set to manual :-\

Does this happen in normal operations or during a virus scan? Where is ashserv.exe sending the DNS request? Where and what kind of ICMP is ashserv.exe sending? Why do you think either of these would be bad, since these messages don’t send any data anywhere or set up connections for inbound or outbound traffic? I don’t show ashserv.exe firewall rules at all with Vista, just ashwebsv and ashmaisv, plus avast! setup. Are you running XP SP2?

it seems to want to connect when doing an update for avast! so i dont see any problem with it.