CFP v3 and ICS + First Impressions

Well I have used just the windows firewall up until now. I know that it isn’t the best thing in the world however I have has issues with Internet Connection Sharing and getting it to work. I installed CFP v3 and use all the default settings. It is basically setup with Defense+ in auto-learn mode. It alerts me about unknown applications but otherwise takes care of itself. I also added the local network (it is internal only) and the subnet as a trusted network as well. The second one is the ICS zone. To test to see if it worked I fired up one of the VM’s that is on the bridge that is setup for ICS (I have 6 virtual adapters plus one physical adapter on a bridge that is assicated with ICS). As soon as the VM finished booting I could tell that it was working since AVG went right on the internet fine. Congrats go out to Comodo for making a fine product. I will continue to use it and probably only remove it if there is a showstopper incident.