CFP V3.0.14.273 did not pass the test!

This program could lock down the keyboard and mouse!

CFP V3.0.14.273 did not block it!

In the folowing, I test EQ-Secure v3.41

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Thanks for the heads up! I thought this was a virus when it disabled both my keyboard and mouse… (:HUG).
Make sure defence+ is on train with safe mode. So no popups at all?

I will check later when i have comodo on.

Really, a dangerous program… with Defense+ in “Train with Safe Mode”, my computer become unusable. The only alternative was reboot…

it locked my mouse!!!HELP (:AGY)

I tried out the test…

I did get a popup…I blocked it, and yes Comodo did stop it. I am using Windows XP SP2 32bit(After many problems with Vista), and Set Defense+ with “Training Mode”.


What kind of pop-up was that?

I had no alert in Train with Safe mode (obviously, this app is not safe) and it locked me out. Surprised you were able to stop it in Training mode.

It was a Defense+ Alert…


oh ■■■■!, that looks scary,i’m sticking with 2.4 for now,was on the old 3.0,but went back to 2.4

I guess it’s calling blockinput (BlockInput function (winuser.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn) in an infinite loop.

:o :o :o :o :o so can or can’t CFP3 prevent such attack ??? :o :o :o :o

Comodo passed the test with flying colors on my PC! (See results below)

Used “Train with safe mode”

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It’s not like it really “passed the test”, lobster.

TEST.exe is not in Comodo’s safe list. But the same applies to tons of applications that aren’t harmful in any way. Many installers out there aren’t in the safe list and will trigger the same alert. Blocking all those “unsafe” applications from launching (like you did with TEST.exe) isn’t a very practical measure.

??? maybe we should allow explorer.exe to run the app first and see if defense+ will alert when that test.exe is about to do something harmful.
i’m too afraid to do the test (:TNG)

I tried allowing TEST.exe to run and see what happened from there…you are correct - no popups concerning any other actions taken by TEST.exe, it simply locked down my mouse! A reboot seemed to be my only escape once allowed to run.

errr, so what do we do now ???
be panic and scared together ??? :o :o :o

Maybe we need a new checkbox here for monitoring mouse access ???

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This is what I was thinking all along .

CFP v3 isnt stable and usefull enough to block programs that really want to do something,and that take resources agressively. But I am quite sure that CFP v3.XXX will be usefull in the future…

But for now I do not see a valid reason why I should have cfp v3 if I can not count on it when I need it.

On my pc the recent CFP v3 just crashes if I block programs.

So for now I am back to v2.4, a rock sold firewall, using something else for HIPS.

Well, if you actually let explorer.exe execute this test.exe then yes - it gets executed and does what it does. One could argue for CFP to block such a behavior - test.exe freezing your system. CFP usually asks not only for permission to let executables to run, but also for special behaviors. But at least it couldn’t run without you knowing it. So I don’t think we should condemn CFP 3 and revert to 2.4. :wink:



Right on spot.

hmmm,yeah, at least in this case, defense+ still works as a plain anti-exe HIPS just like CAVS2 HIPS.
but i remember that defense+ even warned me about something that’s about to access keyboard or monitor, but why is this different? maybe someone can shed some technical knowledge?

oh, and when do you plan to return those videotapes ;D

edit: sorry, i didn’t see the “checkbox” post. +1!

I think that box is a key thing in this discussion! But actually, not only my mouse was locked but also the keyboard, to some extent. I could press ctrl+alt+del and get the task manager, but nothing more. I could also press the power button (the physical), but not shut down. Had to press it for a couple of seconds to really kill my system.

It’s an infinite loop: