CFP using much CPU

I use Peerguardian2 in combination with BitComet and Comodo Firewall Pro (v and Antivir is my Viruschecker

A file containing the Logs and some resolved IPs has been attached.

I observe following:
a) performance degradates and CFP uses up to 20% of CPU sometimes (according to processExplorer)
b) CFP observes a lot of ‘High’ severities Network Monitor–>
b1) ‘Blocked by Protocol Analysis’ : At least several of the IPs found here resolve to ‘trustworthy’ origins (or am I terribly wrong?). What can I do to avoid these blockings (why doesn’t CFP do it itself?)?
b2) ‘Application Behaviour’ : Some progs (like ‘ProcessExplorer’ by SysInternals) seems perfectly OK to me, what can i do about it? A prog like Bitcomet seems ‘normal’ to do communication to me. Do I miss something? How can I avoid these blockings?
c) Download speed of BitComet is not good (just a few dozen Kb/s maximum)
d) I can start PG2 (on windows 2K) but that’s all I can do apart from killing it (using ProcessExplorer or Taskmanager). No icon visible, no window NOTHING. How can I make it visible (again)? (maybe somebody here knows that too)

Any ideas/experiences about the combination of progs mentioned or solutions for my problems.

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I don’t have any experience with PeerGuardian, so that’s not something I can comment on.

About the Protocol Analysis, you can turn that off if you choose. Click Security → Advanced, Advanced Attack Detection → Configure, the Miscellaneous tab, and clear the checkbox “Do Protocol Analysis”.
Some varieties of network attacks will use malformed packets to try to make your machine freeze. Doing the protocol analysis blocks those kinds of attacks. If the remote BitComet clients are using a custom TCP/IP stack, then they may not be following the proper TCP/IP protocol settings, and so are tripping over the analysis check.

About Application Behaviour, have you tried adding the application to the CFP allowed list. Click Security → Application Monitor, and then Add.

Those changes should take some of the work load off CFP. I doubt that will help your download speed, as that is more network dependent than CPU dependent.

Just adding to this, don’t want to add another thread.
CFP is always going up and down with th CPU usage from 0-30-100 and back and this the entire time.
I am sorry, i am a total noob and I’m uncertain what i should do.

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Hello “noob’s” ;D. Welcome to your forum. Have a look [at-bypass] my FAQ link

Version 2.4 - cpf.exe and High CPU,6819.0.html,6933.0.html,6943.0.html

Version 2.4 - cmdagent.exe and High CPU,5499.0.html,5972.0.html,6160.0.html

All these workarounds are meaningless since v3 will be out.