CFP-Updateproblem under Vista

After searching long and wide, all I could find were Problems caused in connection to Windows Update.
I luckily never experienced any of these. (Vista Home Premium and CFP v3.0.16.295)
The Problem I have: I can’t initiate any CFP-Update from the GUI. The Link stays green and nothing happens. So again I totally uninstalled the 3.0.14.-Version (I totally missed the 3.0.15) and did a clean install.
It didn’t occur to me that there was the Update-modul (cfpupdat.exe) until then.
So the current situation :
I can start cfpupdat.exe manually and it seems to work: it connects, queries and tells me I have the latest version (which comes as no surprise just having manually updated (:TNG)
I can click on the “check for Updates” Link until I’m blue in the face…no response whatsoever.

Since this link never worked for me in any of the CFP3.x versions and I never found anyone else complaining about that, I expect the bug somewhere in my system or config respectively.

Do you guys have any idea as to where to look and what to check?
Of course it’s no big deal to create a link to cfpupdat.exe instead but if there is a build-in function I rather use that.

Thanks and have a nice day

-DG (L)

Try turning off UAC temporarily and see if it works. This may be part of several related UAC issues in Vista,

Hi sded!
Thank you for your answer. I’m pretty sure, that my problem is related to UAC.
Kind of like the GUI lacks the rights to execute the subprogram in question. I was actually hoping on some advice how to assign the missing rights to the main program until s/o has time to look into this.