CFP seems to be stuck in training mode.

I have recently noticed that CFP seems to be learning a whole lot of stuff, even though it’s not set in training mode, I’m seeing that little box come up at the bottom right a lot more. I did set it into training mode a while ago, but I definately put it back.

I just installed a game, and it never asked me the usual, if it must be treated as an installer/updater, and it was not stopped from creating an .exe file as it usally would have been AFAIK.

I can’t really give much info ATM, but I thought maybe someone could at least tell me if it sounds like a common issue.

Might it be something to do with the fact that I run a standard user account, and usually install stuff through it as an admin (usuall I have no problems with this.)

Yeah on occasion I’ll see that. Most likely D+ adjusting for a trusted program.