CFP redrawing issues when Logitech Setpoint drivers are installed

I honestly cannot explain it but I’m dead sure there’s an issue between Setpoint and CFP. I just reinstalled Setpoint that I didn’t have anymore on my computer, and as soon as it was done i started to have some redrawing issues with
CFP GUI. It just started to redraw slowly (not extremely slowly, but a still very visible effect). And as soon as I exited the Logitech utility, via the system tray icon, CFP GUI behaved normally again. So I tried other drivers, the latest, and the issue with CFP GUI was there again; again same story, just exiting the Logitech utility (while the drivers themselves are still loaded of course) solves the issue with CFP. Weird…

update, after a new reboot with the same and latest drivers (SetPoint 4.24) the issue is gone.

reconfirming the issue unfortunatelly. I got CFP GUI redrawing slowly again with Logitech Setpoint activated. I’d like to insist that this issue is a real problem. as Logitech drivers for mice and keyboards are very widely used. Hope this will be fixed in the next release of CFP. The percentage of Logitech mice in use…do I need to say more? Only guess I can make is that this time Setpoint got installed after CFP on my PC. Could that be that CFP can get compatibility issues with software installed afterwards? I think in my previous Windows installation Setpoint was there first and I had no issue of that type. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to uninstall both now and restart with SetPoint first, as only workaround. Could be an issue with the safe list (the “invisible” one, where all SetPoint safe files are supposed to be now…).

wanted to add again: the conflict between CFP and SetPoint is not with the setpoint driver itself, only with the Mouse/Keyboard configuration utility when it is active, so present in systray. Oh I forgot, I just reinstalled CFP, so with CleanPC mode set as default no questions all SetPoint files are in the safe list, and the issue is still there: slow CFP GUI, normal again when I exit setpoint.

I have the same problem. While setpoint is running Comodo redraws really slowly.