CFP protection during startup

I have tried searching but could not find anything like my question.
When I start my PC the MS Security shield appears on the taskbar & it is red telling me Comodo is not running. Only when the Comodo icon appears does the MS Security icon disapear.
Does this mean that my PC is NOT protected by CFP during startup ? but by the MS Firewall. CFP seems to be the last pgm started in the boot sequence, can this be changed so that my PC is fully proteted by CFP during startup ?

Inbound protection is active whilst booting. If you want outbound protection you have to tell CPF this in the advanced attack detection and protection settings under miscellaneous. If you tick the box for blocking outgoing connections whilst booting it will slow down your boot time considerably!


Thanks anderow
I’ll do a bit of timing. I don’t mind a longer boot if the protection is better.

Be aware that by blocking Outgoing during boot, you will block & delay your internet connection (if you’re on a highspeed or LAN), so when your desktop comes up, you may have a notification about a connection issue.

As for the message from WSC, you might want to check this thread - specifically the responses from Soya and myself;msg72141#msg72141

That’ll give you some more info, and show you how to verify that the FW is indeed running.