CFP pop ups not always in front [Resolved]


Proactive Monitoring System

Prohibitive Monster Security

Preventing Malware Strike

or in the case of some companies’ offering:

Preventing Major Security

Thank you for not referring to the Pac Man Syndrome (song), Purchase More Shoes, Psychotic Men Slayerz (gaming clan), or the Pretty Mean Sisters (WWF wrestling) version of it, LM :wink:

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Ok, back on topic: Roy, IMO I would rather keep PS for a small issue with alerts in the background.

I’ve gone back to SSM (giveawayoftheday). No probs so far. The problem of the pop-unders was too irritating, there I am clicking away going “why isn’t anything happening” and it is because I can not see the alert. The problem is that during some rapid clicking, the alert didn’t always appear on top, so I wasn’t aware that it happened.

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You are aware that with GAOTD software, no updates are available… Not sure what would happen if an application thus installed tried to update itself.

Did you get PS there as well?

soyabeaner, I really liked one from that list… “Pass My Shotgun.” ;D


Yes, no updates… hey-ho! There is a new version on the website, and when I ask SSM to update, it checks the site but does nothing.

One of the issues I have with SSM is that it doesn’t seem to support more than one account on a PC, when I switch it does not load in the other account. Plus, when switching back to the first account it is no longer running. PS did not have a problem with multiple accounts. Anyway… that’s getting a bit off topic!

Not long now until CFP V3… then all will be well with the world… :BNC

I think that’s a given. If updates were available, how do you suppose vendors would remain in business :stuck_out_tongue: ;D.

It’ll pop up a big ad, “Please buy me”.

Roy, you can contact PS about this issue if you want. On second thought, cross that out. CFP 3 will probably beat them both.


All in good fun…

Yes, I think there’s a very good possibility that CFP 3 will treat them all like the proverbial “red-headed step-children.”


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Ok, let’s close this case before we become Proud Marin Sisters.