CFP not working on a cloned drive

I used this app to clone my drive to another physical disk;

The cloning process works and the cloned drive boots up fine and everything with all my data present, the problem is that when I log in as a user (not admin) CFP doesn’t start up properly, loggin in as admin and it works fine.

In the user account I can see the cfp.exe process running, but the task bar icon is not present, and clicking on the start menu shortcut or trying to re-run the program another way doesn’t help. So as a user CFP isn’t really working at all. Also I cannot end the process as a user and try to get back in to it that way either.

I tried uninstalling CFP and re installing on the cloned drive, but that didn’t help after re-installing the same thing is still happening. Should I try uninstalling with that batch file in the sticky in this forum?

Using CFP

Not sure if the cloning app is to blame, havent been able to find much else that works for my needs, i.e. it needs to be free, and it must be able to clone the drive to a smaller drive, I know that sounds strange but the destination drive is only ~1GB smaller.

Seeing as everything else is okay I don’t really think it’s XXClone, but I can’t really think of anything else. I have never cloned a drive before so I don’t know if I’m missing something more obvious?