CFP & NOD32 no longer auto-startup [Resolved]

I’m not sure what happened, for some reason my Comodo firewall didn’t auto start at startup. Up until today, it had been starting, it’s even in startup area within msconfig. Is there a reason this could of happened anyone may know of or is it just one of those things? I couldn’t find anything with Comodo to make sure it’s set to auto start, that being said should I reinstall it?

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Is it the GUI (cpf.exe) or the core (cmdagent.exe) that doesn’t auto-start? In case you haven’t, ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[b]Firewall Doesn't Automatically Start Up[/b],2728.0.html,6515.0.html,9894.0.html

If no one else has any working ideas and you reinstall, do it in Safe Mode.

Yes, thank you. It’s been awhile, I was in Italy (:KWL)

Yes, I did, but I didn’t see anything of the like. I do have crap eye sight, so I’m sure I overlooked it as I do many things.

Thank you very much for the help :slight_smile:


both cmdagent & cpf.exe are not started after reboot, until of course I start them manually. I read the post between you & beck, I made sure it was enabled (checked) restarted went into msconfig and it was disabled again. Does something need to be added or edited in the registry?

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If it comes to that then yes. However, the root problem still exists: something is removing it in the first place and you must find out. It’s either malware or anti-malware that’s doing it. Usually anti-spyware has options that check for registry changes in ways that you don’t want.

The weird thing is and I probably should of mentioned this before, my NOD32 started doing the same thing at the same time. Should I find a registry checker, malware or anti-malware scanner? I was sure NOD32 checked for all that, I thought.



I don’t think nod tampers with the registry startup items. Do you run any other software that might or any recent significant changes on your computer?

cpf.exe I can see being prevented, but cmdagent.exe isn’t easily prevented from startup unless it was something that prevented even drivers or services from starting.

Other than Comodo & NOD32 having these issues, everything else runs well on the PC. I did notice when I went into msconfig under services cmdagent was set to start, was unchecked in startup and did not show as running after a reboot.

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Well, for now you can manually reset it back for both the Cmdagent and CFP by checking them in the boxes. Also ensure it’s in automatic mode in Start > Run > type services.msc > enter

One more thing is to check the event viewer in Start > Run > type eventvwr > enter


every time I enable it (check the box) within mscofig and then reboots, it starts up disabled. When I go to services.msc it shows Comodo Application Agent as set to run at startup and running without firewall. Were you saying cpf.exe & cmdagent.exe are also suppose to be there.

I’m not sure at all what to be looking for in event viewer , what should I look for.

Hell should I reformat :THNK

Thanks as always


In services, I think only the Comodo Application Agent (cmdagent.exe) should be there (don’t recall at the moment because I’m using another pc)

Any errors in Event Viewer is what I wanted to know.

Reformat is the last resort. Have you reinstalled CFP in safe mode yet? How about a System Restore?

I don’t like system restore, and I just as I’m writing re-installed Comodo, but not in safe mode. I wasn’t aware you could even do that, I assume you’d have to be in safe mode to do it (:CLP)? Anyway, the re-installation changed nothing, it’s still doing the exact same thing, I even installed NOD32 and same thing. At this point, my paranoia, is getting the better of me.


Safe Mode because it’s safe :D. This is to avoid potential “critters” from infesting CFP installation stage. But if your CFP was working fine before until recently, it’s obvious to me (now :-[) that you did not have a corrupt CFP installation and something in the midst of the whole process got to it, affecting your startup items on Nod32 as well as CFP. Why not upload a HijackThis log (as a text file) here so that we can see if there are other things loading at the same time?

it keeps telling me I can’y upload it, but its a text file

Is it that error about this forum thinking you just posted 1 second ago? That’s a forum bug :(. Ok you just post it (when it lets you) and I’ll edit your post and attach the HJT log as a text file.

This is the error it gives me:

You cannot upload that type of file. The only allowed extensions are txt,doc,pdf,jpg,gif,mpg,png,zip,mp3,rar,jpeg.

it is a text file though.
I’m just going to post it here without attaching it.

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The good news is your HJT log is short and looks ok to me. However, I’m not expert enough to fully know some of the files you have and how it might affect your startup items, namely APC PowerChute: I just wonder what exactly you see if you right-click on the APC UPS Status icon properties in your Windows Startup menu.

If anyone knows anything feel free to jump in anytime because I’m nearly out of ideas :-\

What exactly and under which tab did you want me to check in properties for my UPS?

I don’t know whether that has anything to do with it. All I know is they all worked fine for many months.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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I don’t know either, but if it’s been working fine for months then ignore it.

I don’t deserve it as I haven’t figured out the issue :(.

So you don’t recall any big changes to your PC around the time the issue happened like new software installation, registry changes, etc?

I don’t recall anything that could have caused this. Several people use this PC, so I’m not sure if they downloaded a plug in or such from whatever site.

You do deserve thanks for being kind enough for the help you have given.

Thank you


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