CFP Gone After Logging Off & On

Hello all,

even the Comodo firewall works great on my PC (Win XP SP2 Professional Czech, Comodo, I found a strange behaviour of Comodo firewall at certain situation when logged out (fast user switching turned off) and logged in again as the same user, the computer seemed unprotected. Although the Comodo icon disappeared, I thought it is not a problem. But I tried shields up! at, and firewall test showed some ports open, some closed, a completly different result oposing one when Comodo is “active”. The original XP firewall stayed off. I restarted PC and simulated log off and log on again, now switching on Window Security Center notifications before, and it showed that personal firewall is disabled. Now the Comodo GUI was visible, showing Bad protection status at Custom settings. The conclusion for me is that switching users or log off and log in as the same user, the action I do from time to time when an application hangs and cannot be ended, is rather dangerous. Even the Windows event log does not show any info abot comodo firewall status.

Did anyone experienced something like this?

Thank you



Welcome, Tomas.

I moved your post to a new board.

This issue will be fixed in v3:,5847.0.html

Hey i Had the same problem… I thought i made a mistake :frowning:
and guess what one of my applications got balcklisted (if you know what i mean :wink:
Hope ya all will fix this soon…

Check out Comodo Forum

I am trying to get a workaround