CFP for Vista notification :)

1st off - hello CFP forums! (:WAV)

2nd, is there anywhere i can go to register for notification of when a Vista complaint ver of CFP is released? I’m using Vista ATM and surfing the web with only the Vista in-built firewall as my main firewall! :o.

Sure the Vista firewall is beefed up, but its still paltry compared to CFP’s abilties and feature set. Besides, its only a matter of time b4 the hackers and script kiddies send out Vista specific attacks specifically designed to circumvent Vista in-built protection software (Windows defender…shudder :-X)


Well…not exactly when a Vista version is released, but you can check your forumprofile for “Notifications and Email” and then have a notification to your e-mail when the board “Announcements” is updated with a new firewall version.

Announcement forum -,51.0.html

Just to add, version 3 of CFP is expected around March to April.