CFP File ID?

Looking round in the CFP folder, I saw these. Can someone explain what they are and where they came from?


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I don’t have any zip files in my CFP folder. Could they be files from the Pending Files list waiting to be submitted? They would be gone after a while if that was what they were.

No, probably not pending, I never have very many of those. Must be logging files. I’ll turn off logging (which tends to reset itself to 0MB) and delete them. See what happens. ;D

If you look at the dates on my zip files you will see they are from CPF3 crashes prior to install of the latest Beta there is also a crash.dmp.
Unless you delete the comodo folder the zip & crash.dmp files will remain after uninstall.
So if you wish you can delete them unless they are dated after your last install they will have been crashes that happen on your computer in prior versions.

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