CFP Feedback

Hi all,

First time post here, been using the firewall for about 9 hours, and after a rough start (usual repeated notifications of normal programs wanting access, and of course WoW being difficult) things seem to be working good, atleast it seems so, the firewall’s activity page is going nuts, lots of medium’s and a few highs in the list. and my system hasn’t crashed so it must be working, god only knows how much was getting thru my old firewall since it didn’t say ANYTHING (kerio personal firewall).

I currently am using AVG 7.5 (free edition) as my AV and am considering installing comodo’s AV based on what i have seen by its firewall.


Great to hear your feedback I’m sure Comodo and its developers appreciate it very much :).

One thing you should note about the antivirus, it is a beta which means it is still under heavy development, you are only recommended to install this beta program if you have experience using and testing beta software. Also it is recommended to only install this software on a secondary machine, that way if anything goes wrong you do not lose any valuable data.


well i installed the antivirus, i still have the avg installer if i ever switch back. I’ll give this thing a run for a while and see if it works better than avg.