CFP.exe tired by P2P Emule traffic ?


I am used to run emule ( ed2k/KAD P2P client ) behind VoIP router Linksys RTP300.
I have LAN connection 16/4 MBit/s.

I am aware about the router issue with full NAT translation table, so I restart it periodically.
But it does not always help.

Sometimes problem with traffic resists ( upload speed keps down, unstable connections ).
I have realized it often help to close and run again CFP.exe by closing tray icon,wait until close,
and run icon from desktop.

It looks like CFP gets tired by P2P traffic.

EDIT> BTW Closing CFP takes about 15-20 seconds when one core of Core2Duo E4600 2.6G is fully busy by that.

What is your experience ?

What if I close CFP when emule is running ?
Does FW / HIPS still operate, CFP being just control panel ?
Or is CIS down until run again ?.
Maybe only no change in configuration is possible ?

What do you mean with unstable connections? What are the settings for E Mule:
upload speed
number of simultaneous connections?

I am a long term emule user ( in fact Scarangel, Stullemule or Netfinity’s Warp mods of eMule ),
so I am qute sure my emule settings are good.

Link is 16/4 Mbit, NAFC I usually set lower here, 400 - 450 kB/s.
It happens with NAFC both set ON and OFF(here I put cca 350-400 kB/s UL ).
USS I cannot use.

Upload slot speed I have set to 15 kB/s, half opened connections set to 8.
New connection creation is set quite low 20 / 5s.
Typical queue is 500-800, I do no share populars much.
max connection 400, real seldom over 100.

unstable connection means UL speed stays very low ( after some hours of well behaving ),
eventually drops to zero. Scarangel assigns connection health to 0 %.
Particular connections are very slow, even near zero, and often closes soon.
It happens even if no downloads there.

Router restart sometimes help, what is expected.
what is not expected CFP restart helps too.
Both is meant cWITHOUT emule restarting.

Note that I have public IP, havint forwarded 1 TCP and 2 UDP ports for emule,
properly allowed in global and app rules.

It looks like things went little worse after upgrading FW/HIPS 3.0 ti CIS FW/HIPS 3.5.
Before emule lasted well longer limited only by router. router restart once daily was enough.

Now it seems CFP.exe statrs getting ill sooner than router.
If emule is launched morning, in late afternoon UL speed is smashed down and gets chaotic,
and is almost impossible to connect e.g. by UltraVNC.
Closing and relaunching CFP.exe makes miracles.

Do the same things happen with the regular E Mule?

You mention “max connection 400, real seldom over 100.” What do you mean with that? Can you see somewhere how much of the 400 assigned connections are used?

Try lowering the max connections limit to a safe number of 100 ( I don’t know the max total connections of your router; my old SPeedtouch ADSL modem/router had 250).

I did not use regulsar emule for ages, but happens in all modes I use.
For sure you can see realtime connection number in statistic window.
100 connections is rather minimalistic requirements.

I fact, I can see some short time connection spikes much higher.
I never realized my router has limited me in number of connections.
What is limiting is 2000 item large NAT address translation table,
especially when using USP based Kasemlia network,
because UDP is stateless.

At the risk of going off topic.

Tell me more about the spikes and how you measure them. I share a connection with a group of housemates and we are intermittently running into total lockups of the Speedtouch 780 WL ADSL modem/router.

By elimination I am starting to suspect E Mule and A Mule for incidentally producing too much traffic. The clients are conservatively set to not interfer too much with every day surfing.

All you can watch, you can watch quite well in statistic window,
speed and conn numbers against time.

connection number spikes ocurs at startup, or when you add some popular files to download.
They come also, when ISP is short in expected bandwidth and emule tries to open more and more upload slots
to saturate expected bandwidth.

I suggest using USS, with conservative set of UL AND DL limits.
Also SUM of Max connections to keep at reasonable value 200-400
The same for new connections / 5s, sum of that for all emules should not exceed 20-30 / 5s
Maybe even halfopened oned I would keep lower.

And DO NOT forget restart router often, shortcoming of its NAT table
for several emule will be much more severe than for the only one.

Thanks for pointing me to the very eleborate logging function of E Mule. It is one of those corners I never look. I am running E Mule now and will see if when the modem messes up is that related to a spike of E Mule or not.