CFP doesn't count active processes correctly (XP SP2, X32, CFP

CFP 3 has never counted the number of active processes correctly for me. See the attached screen shots, which were taken at the same time. They don’t match. 16 processes according to CFP “main page”, but less in the CFP list of active processes. And the number(s) certainly don’t match the correct number of active processes according to Windows Task Manager: 13 (not counting Task Manager itself). Yes, I do have only 13 process, I’m very proud. :slight_smile:

This problem seems to be the same as in this topic, which addresses an older version.

By the way, at this very moment (after a reboot), the CFP main page shows 13 processes. This is not correct either since I’m running Firefox now, so it should be 14 processes.

OS & version details are provided in the topic subject, if you need more, please tell me. I’ve disabled many Windows services, including “Terminal Services”.


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+1 (except my pride isn’t there because I don’t have that low # of active processes)

Though I know you are close :wink:

Well, maybe this isn’t a serious bug, as long as one doesn’t completely depend on CFP to find out which processes are running. There’s always Task Manager. But since CFP with Defense+ really monitors every action on the system, it would be adequate with a proper list of active processes.


Every bug counts. Every little bit helps CFP close in the path to perfection.