CFP Defense+ Pop up (CFP [CLOSED]

My CFP run well. Once in a while lost its memory and I had to redo the “allow” and “remember” on multiple pop up.
I noticed that the last event happened when I had problem with my internet connection then my WinXP lost response. I had to close the firefox thru task manager.
I also noticed that it’s always the BOClean 4.25 that had this problem and it always about “interprocess memory process”. This happened several time in the last couple of weeks.

This time I modified the defense+, computer security policy. I edited the BOClean application control made the access right and protection setting switch to allow the interprocess memory access.

Is it a correct thing to do for I don’t know exactly this function?

Second question my pre-defined rule setting is grayed, as long as I remember on first installation there is a choice to allow, remember and use predeined rule setting?

Best REgards.

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