CFP Concerns

Maybe, I should not be too critical of CFP 3, it is after all free, but I am finding it a very frustrating product.

Here are some of my gripes:

Update does not seem to work and, for example, when I updated from build 329 to 349 by downloading the full package and trying to install it, first it only wanted to uninstall the firwall altogether and having done that, re-booted and retried the install, it lost all my settings, and I have lost a load of data that my BOINC client has created because it looks like the program has been denied access to the folders I had given it total access to under the previous build.

Also, with 329 despite being checked the program seemed to forget most settings and re-prompt. One minute I would be advised that a program was ‘safe’, the next it ‘could not be recognised’.

I would have thought that there should be some setting between safe and training equivalent to the old Kerio firewall default setting. I want something that checks my executable and makes a record of their hashes, that advises me when something is trying to access the network and gives me the choice of allowing it or not, advises me when a program has changed and gives me the option of allowing the changed program to run, advises me when a program is launching another and gives me the option whether to allow it. With CFP3 I seem to be advised of everything any program does and asked to ok it (which instruction is then seemingly forgotten), or advised of nothing and everything is blocked. there is too much noise to pick out the real potential problems.

I want to really like CFP - I use other Comodo security products, but I am struggling with liking it and am seriously considering kicking it off my computer and re-installing Kerio (an older version than the current). I am sad about that. Please do not take this as anything other than an intention to highlight issues that others may have and do not report.

And thanks for trying to produce something really good.


Hi Rtx,
Don’t get dishearted. See below:

  1. You only have two options for updating. Either doing it in CPF under the Miscellaneous bit or completely uninstalling and then re-installing.
  2. If reinstalling, you can Export your Configuration as a file and then re-load it once you’ve installed the next version. If updating through the Miscellaneous then you don’t need to export your rules.
  3. When you install CPF3 after the reboot Open CPF and lcik on “Clean PC Mode” on the main page of CPF. Slide the bar down to “Training Mode” for the first couple of days to learn your system and your regular habits. Once you’ve done that, change the Defense+ Mode to “Safe Mode”.
  4. The Firewall element of CPF will protect you during this time as it’s in “Safe Mode” by default and will alert you of any unknown programs trying to access the internet.
  5. If you follow the above you should be getting less alerts. Just make sure that “Remember…” is ticked when you click ok. If you’re installing a program and you get an alert for the setup.exe click on the pre-define list and select Installer and Updater and then ok. Once you’ve done that you’ll be prompted to put CPF into Installation Mode which gives setup.exe more privaledges and only alerts you if it tries to modify/execute protected areas on your PC.

One of my fellow Mods posted a New User Topic explainging some of all this here:;msg155620#msg155620

Hope this helps.