CFP blocking a program??

Hi, could anyone help with this, please? I have a program that will not run anymore and it is possible that when it was trying to do something Defense+ asked whether it should be allowed to and I probably said “No” without thinking and said it was to remember my answer.

How can I get a list of blocked programs and reverse the block if it turns out that this is the case?

The non-running of my program may be nothing to do with CFP but I need to check all possibilities. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program has not enabled it to run and neither has updating it.

All your programs for D+ are under D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy.

Hi Chris,

Couple of things to look for.Go to

  1. Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy:Look down the list to see if there is a referance to the program with “Isolated Application” next to it.If so right click on it choose Edit and change it to a new policy(eg custom) Apply to close all windows.

2.Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policty.Find the file %windir%\explorer.exe :right click on it and choose “Edit”.Now click on access rights and at the top you will see “run an executable” click on “Modify” next to this and you will get a window with Allowed applications and Blocked applications.Look in the blocked section to see if the program is there,if it is remove it and “Apply” to close all windows.

Try these first if this doesn`t work post back.



Many thanks to both of you. I followed your instructions, Matty, and now my program works. I think I must have said that CFP was to block the program when I got a message I wasn’t sure about

Nice 1 Chris,its a good idea if you get a pop up which your not sure about to “Block” but DON`T TICK REMEMBER MY ANSWER this way D+ will not set it up as a rule.



Thanks for the tip. It seems that CFP has “Remember my Answer” as the default, unless it remembers what last amswer given.