CFP Beta thoughts

Hi everyone!

I just had to add this post to tell everyone here what I think of this app so far.
I’ve been testing Eset’s new Eset Smart Security (ESS) suite for the last few months, and actually have made 3 bug reports that were confirmed and fixed in the next release. That qualifies me for a free 1 year subscription to ESS when it makes public relesae…but I won’t use it now.

Since deciding to try the Comodo Firewall Alpha, I have found just how far behind Eset is in the Firewall aspect of their suite. It’s nowhere near as much information as Comodo gives the user, and not even close to the amount of configuration detail as Comodo offers…in an ALPHA release yet!!! I can only think it will improve mightily as it moves thru Beta’s and into RTM stage…

I made many requests to Eset to improve their interface so users could glean as much info about their firewall as possible, and make configuring Advanced rules easier for the users to accomplish. No real word except I got an email stating that it would be “under consideration” for future builds. I showed them the last Sygate interface as an example of what kind of information users like to see from their firewalls, but they were too deeply entrenched into their current scheme to be able to change it now, so I can’t see it getting much better in the forseeable future.

Comodo’s Alpha release wins Hands Down out of the firewalls I’ve tested recently.
Kaspersky’s Security suite, Norton Internet Security 2007, ESS, ZoneAlarm’s Beta for Vista…none of them offered the advanced views and features I see in the Alpha stage here, and NONE of those firewalls passed the full port scans either. They all had problems with the 49148 to 49157 range, which are commonly used by svchost piggybacks. Trusted programs, but the ports all reported open for business without shutting down the offending services, and you shouldn’t have to do that.

Great work Comodo…and a MILLION THANX to Melih for giving us this fantastic product FREE!!! We can never thank you enough for caring so much about us everyday user who just needs good security products. I’m sure 99% of us would pay you GLADLY for this quality product, but since you steadfastly refuse that, we can only give you our undying Admiration and Gratitude for your gift.

New & Commited CFP User!!

P.S. - Eset’s NOD32 AV scanning engine is still the Undisputed Leader in the AV field, so my future will be with NOD32 2.7.39 as my AV/AntiMalware product, and Comodo Firewall Pro to button things up.