CFP antispyware/malware compatibility

Hello all,

I installed CFP a couple weeks ago, and it seems to working quite well.
I do have some antispyware/malware questions. I’m sorry if these are duplicated questions, but I just got clued in to the CFP Beta for Vista, and am still working through all the info and older posts. I uninstalled my Spyware Doctor (full version), prior to installing CFP, and reinstalled it after with OnGuard protection off.

  1. Is additional antispyware/malware still necessary w/CFP? (I would assume so)
  2. Can antispyware/malware be ran in active/online mode (eg. Spyware Doctor Onguard)?
  3. What active antispyware/malware is known to be compatible with CFP?

My system:
Vista32/Home Premium
Avira Personal Premium
Spyware Doctor 5 (OnGuard protection Off)
A couple other antispy/malware progs used on weekly/monthly basis.

It isn’t really necessary. Malware can’t do much if you block it with the HIPS, tho I’d still use an antivirus and malware on-demand scanners.

If you mean together with CFP3, yes.

I guess most of them will work with CFP3, tho I can only confirm that BOClean, Spyware Terminator’s Real-Time Protection, Spybot S&D’s TeaTimer and Ad-Aware’s Ad-Watch works with CFP3. Best way to find out is to try yourself.