CFP and Vista 64 Ultimate - Slow

I did a clean install of Vista 64 Ultimate & SP1 to overcome start-up shutdown problems. All went well until I installed CFP then 18 mins for a restart!! Working fine on my other pc - XP Pro. Uninstalled CFP and the normal fast start-up. Machine has only nVidia nForce and Graphics drivers, Avast anti virus and World of Warcraft installed.

I have the same problem - clean install of Vista Ultimate 64 runs fine until I install CF then won’t boot - gets to the spinning circle - Please wait… and sits there. I didn’t wait 18 minutes, but long enough. Fortunately I had an Acronis image so I rolled it back. Won’t install again until this issue is resolved.

What versions are you guys using? The new Comodo Firewall 3.5?