I have a question concerning any known problems when running CFP and CAVS both with HIPS turned on.
To be more precise:
When I have CFP (with HIPS) installed and my AV is CAVS, should I turn OFF CAVS’ HIPS or can I leave them turned ON?
I was just wondering wether these two fine programmes were playing well together as my 30 days trial of NOD32 is about to expire and I was thinking about giving CAVS a try.
Any info’d be highly appreciated.

The HIPS with CFP is much more advanced that that for CAVS - I think it would be advisable to only run the HIPS for the firewall. Not sure about any clashes that may occur, though I am sure there may be problems running both, but there would be no point in running the HIPS for CAVS considering how good the feature is with the new firewall.


Got 'em both running here with no real problems. Bottom right hand corner of the screen turns into Alert City when a new app is run though.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey N.T.T.W. and Ewen,
thanks for replying so quickly and informatively. Much appreciated.
I haven’t quite followed CAVS development so here’s a question:
With CAVS’ most prominent feature - HIPS - being also included (and as they say much more advanced) in CFP, can you recommend CAVS over AVAST!, AVG or AntiVir?

P.S. Any ideas on how to completely uninstall NOD32 so there won’t be any problems when installing another AV?

CAVS is also undergoing new development and as Melih has stated the two products, antivirus and firewall, will work together seamlessly to give superb protection.


hi, i’ve got opinion bout this. CAVS got HIPS, that makes it better than Avast! but don’t forget that CAVS is still a Beta software, it has a few bugs (i’ve encountered only one this far), so maybe you should consider that first before you decide to use CAVS