CFP 3.5.54375.427 not recognized by Windows Security Center [Merged Threads]


I recently upgraded Comodo Internet Security (it told me there was an update, and I applied that update) so I am now running version 3.5.54395.427.

Since I applied that upgrade, however, the Vista Windows Security Center is reporting that I am not running a firewall, and keeps asking if I want to start the windows firewall.

This seems to have happened right after the upgrade.

How can I get Windows Vista to see the new version of Comodo as the Firewall that is protecting my OS?

Many thanks.

For me, I simply uninstalled, cleaned the registry, and reinstalled. That seemed to do it. Security Center is reporting Comodo Firewall is running properly.

Hmmmm – simple? OK I guess it is simple. I’ll try this when I have time. But when you say you “Cleaned the registry”, what do you mean by that exactly? You used some registry cleaner software? I have been burned by such stuff in the past, and Microsoft MVPs who I have reason to trust have sworn up and down that it is not necessary.

I have used JV16 Powertools and Tuneup 2008 to clean the registry.
Most installers/uninstallers tend to leave things behind in the registry.
I run the cleaner after each install, and each uninstall just to make sure the “remains” are removed.
This is true with Microsoft installer software as well.

After running an update from CFP 3.0 to 3.5.54375.427 (not CIS), due to a prompt that an update was available, my Windows Security Center no longer recognizes that I have CFP installed. I am running Vista Home Premium SP1, and it was working fine with 3.0.

CFP 3 needs to be uninstalled before CIS is installed. (Don’t use the update option for this upgrade).
Uninstall and then reinstall CIS (select just the Firewall option w/ D+ if that is all you wish installed).
please see the following link:;msg209571#msg209571
That should resolve your issue.

Run this from the elevated command prompt (run as administrator)

net stop winmgmt /y
cd "%windir%\system32\wbem\"
rd /s /q "Repository"
net start winmgmt /y
shutdown /r /t 0

This has no effect. Upon reboot, Security Center is completely empty, which is off-putting, but after a minute or so it rebuilds, then complains that the firewall is still disabled. I find a complete uninstall/reinstall is unacceptable, and the Diagnostic function in the cfp.exe should be able to check and repair the Security Center tie-in.

Complete reinstall of what? Windows? Just reinstall CIS (or disable the useless Windows Security Center altogether).

As original poster of the topic, I would say that what nmalinoski means is that, when one is dealing with something as close to the heart of your computer as a firewall, it is a little bit scary to think that the company applies an update that hasn’t gone through enough QC to ensure something so basic that it will still be recognized by the Security Center. It may be that the windows security center is (to quote doktornotor) “useless”, but it is part of the OS and as such I would agree that it is incumbent on Comodo to play nicely with it. I am sure that someone who knew as much about the internals of Vista as Comodo programmers might suggest that a very large percent of Vista is technically “useless”, and hence might create their software to ignore them assuming that everyone else will disable them. But that would not necessarily be a good marketing tactic even if you are right.

Bottom line:

*Regardless of how "useless" the windows security center is, Comodo OUGHT to play nicely with it.  And this includes their update process.

*"Just" de-install and then re-install the software is actually not an appropriate solution.  When one software vendor has you do that, OK, fine.  Then another, then another, and suddenly your whole life is consumed with taking time because someone else was sloppy with their software release.  I do appreciate the suggestions for a workaround, but lets acknowledge it -- this is a pretty serious bug, and Comodo should not have released the software without throughly testing the upgrade path, and given that they did, they ought to be releasing a fix and an acknowledgement of their error.

You need your users to trust you. Period.

Sorry to disappoint you, but WMI repository getting corrupted and showing broken information is nothing Comodo-specific and can hardly be fixed by Comodo.

If Comodo broke it, Comodo should fix it. That’s all. No big deal.

I did not want to install CIS yet, just update my CFP. I can do as you suggested, but I don’t think CFP v3.0 should have told me there was an update, and then allow me to update itself if it does not work properly with that update.

Unfortunately this is the only way right now to get the new CFP.


after update to CFP 3.5.x I got a message from Windows Security Center that my firewall is off, but that’s not true CFP is working. I reboot system two times, didn’t help. it seems that Windows Security Center doesn’t see CFP.
my OS - Vista Home Basic 32 SP1.
please help what to do?

I upgraded via autoupdate

Well, you should attempt to understand the issue. Google for “WMI repository repair”. This is a Windows bug.

I guess my problem is that I already did update CFP to v3.5, as it suggested, and now have the new version without uninstalling CFP and installing CIS, but it does not work properly. If I needed to uninstall CFP first, then I don’t think it should notify me that an update exists, and then update itself if it is not going to work properly. I don’t have a problem of being notified of updates, but why would a program update itself if it is not going to work properly afterwords??

I agree, another way of updating would have been desirable. I’ve just raised the issue with Comodo and the other moderators to shed some light on this.


I performed “winmgmt /verifyrepository” on my Vista machine, and it told me it was consistent. I don’t understand exactly what you’re saying is corrupted. If Security Center dropped Comodo randomly one day, then I might suspect it was a WMI bug, but this happened after Comodo was updated. Surely it had to have been an oversight in Comodo.

Oddly, the Defense+ module reports in Security Center under the ‘Spyware and other malware protection’ header that it’s turned on when before only the Firewall reported to be working. Does Security Center support reporting multiple features of the same program?

If you updated from CFP3.0 to CIS3.5 (to get the updated firewall), the scenario you described may happen. The ideal process is to export your rules, uninstall CFP3.0, install CIS3.5, and import the rules you exported.
By uninstalling CIS and then reinstalling it, the issues should resolve themselves.
Again, I recommend a registry cleaning before reinstalling CIS.
Please see the following link: