CFP 3.0 "this is an older version" message on new vista install

I have this slight problem, and I see resolutions to it but they do not apply to me, see whats going on is I get the “This is an older version of comodo firewall pro, go to and get the latest version” message, and I see the solutions of removing the old software then installing, BUT I just installed Vista on my machine as a clean install, no prior software installed, any suggestions?

Yes, I too am getting this message. New Clean Vista as well.


CFP V3.X had a time limit on when it could be installed. If you temporarily set your system clock to a date earlier than July 27th, you should be able to install. After installing, you can change the clock back to the correct date and the firewall will still operate without a problem.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Next development release is due on August 16th. Whether it’s another alpha or is released as a beta is yet to be seen. :wink: