CFP 3,0 and vista SP1

I was just wondering if any of you already had the opportunity to test CFP with a pre-release version of Vista SP1. The reason I`m asking is an article I read in The Register stating that many security software wouldn´t run anymore with SP1 (including Bit Defender, Zone Alarm…). I found that a bit worrying. Funny is that Trend Micro will be an issue as well, for Vista SP1, when one thinks that Hotmail itself is “secured” ;D by Trend micro…

here`s the link: Vista SP1 kills and maims security apps, utilities • The Register

Users report no problems with SP1, although experience is still limited. See for a few user comments from some currently using SP1.

hey thanks, I missed that thread.

Really wish people would try to use the “search” function more in this forum…

hey, I had a dream… (:AGL) (:TNG)