CFP BETA - Questions about how it works [CLOSED]

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OS: Vista home basic

If I try to change a setting in the “Firewall Stealth Configuration” window, it does not save. Also, based on the text for the 2nd option in this window, I think there should be a wizard that comes up after that option is selected. There isn’t one.

Please post questions/discussions about the operations of CFP v3.0.9.229 Beta so that all users can learn more about the program and benefit from everyone’s experiences.

Thanks for helping make CFP v3 a better firewall ~



On the summary there is an option to ‘stop all activities’ under Network Defense.

Also ‘switch to installation mode’ under Proactive Defense.

When would these selections be made?

“Stop all activities” should be used if you experience some sort of activity that you think warrants an immediate lockdown. This will supersede all application & network rules and immediately stop all traffic in or out.

“Installation Mode” (which I haven’t used yet, but am getting ready to try…) is the much-sought-after means of installing an application without the need to disable the HIPS module. The need for this has been discussed, and Comodo has listened. The idea is that during the installation of applications (that you are intending to install) you don’t want all the popups of having the HIPS on, but you also don’t want to completely disable the HIPS for obvious security reasons.


Thanks Little Mac, those make a lot of sense. I used to click the allow button like a maniac when installing programs with the old one, or reduce the security level.

lots of bsod’s so far. seems to work better w/o cav running. hmm.
also, picky i know, but learnt isn’t a word. it’s “learned”. at least in america.

haven’t had a bsod with cav not running. it’s been an hour. with cav running it was a max of about ten minutes after a reboot.


p.s. is this going to be the thread to post bugs to.


Why don’t you post the minidump that your BSOD created in the appropriate bug thread? And also look into things like disabling the On-Access driver or various modules, etc, then post your steps/results as well.


PS: “learnt” is a recognized word in the Southern States… (or maybe it’s “lernt” or “larnt”) :wink: It’s also commonly used in British English.

i knew the brits used the word. just sounds like bad english to me.
anyway, i will post in the other thread. i see it is there now.
i will post the minidump in the bug thread. funny thing is, since “exiting” cav i haven’t had a bsod. it still updated and modules are still present such as cavse, cavsm, and cavaud.


I’s from Gawgia and I lernt reel good in school.


PS. since then learned more and moved much farther south(south of the equator). But if the Brits use it it´s good because they don’t speak proper english in the states anyway.

Yeah English is the language of England. Anything else is a corrupted version n’est ce pas?

No conflict with CAVS for me, I think the problem lies elsewhere.

I was unable to get the new beta using cfp update. Did you have the same issue?


On the previous versions of comodo firewall in the ShieldsUP tests it said in green: you have no reserved DNS(or something like that).Now it shows a red text: The text below might uniquely
identify you on the Internet followed by my ip and isp.

anyone knows why?

true. most don’t

Gibran, egemen did say that you need to uninstall the previous version and do a clean install, as they are not compatible. That worked fine for me.

Previous configurations exported are not compatible with this one because of the major arhitectural changes. So please try clean install only.

I can’t find the option to create a safelist in the Comdo Firewall Beta and I looked under manage My File Profiles. Where can I find that option or is it not included?

Can anybody explain me what is the “switch to installation mode”?



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After the reboot i imported my previous rules, then opened internet explorer. As last time, https isn’t working ~ avast webshield. I switched off the webshield, then closed IE. After the 2nd running of IE, the browser couldn’t connect to anywhere. I checked CFP rules and CFP denied all incoming&outgoing connection for the browser. Why?

Picture attached.

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Hi Andreas, if you look back through this thread you will find an answer from Little Mac for that question. :slight_smile:


(:TNG) (:TNG) (:TNG)

[b]Previous configurations exported are not compatible with this one because of the major arhitectural changes. So please try clean install only.[/b]

Does that mean I have no chance to use the firewall rules I created in
I have lots of them, and I really want to avoid all the work I’ve already done. (:SAD)