CFP cause my IE freeze

I’ve got CFP, cable connection, windows XP SP2, ESET Nod32 3.0.566.

I’ve got problems with IE7, during surfing it stops to respond. I can only force it to close in task manager. I don’t know what is the reason of this strange behaviour. Sometimes it happens when I try to open link on the page, sometimes without any reason.

Hard to know what might be at fault. NOD32, CFP or IE7 - any one might be the problem. CFP might show an event (See Firewall>Common Tasks>View Firewall Events and Defense+>Common Tasks>View Defense+ Events: click More button to see events prior to the last bootup). If nothing appears there, the problem is either due to one of the other programs or some conflict that happens - not by design. I have experienced a similar problem with Firefox where it basically stops responding to clicked links and won’t work without a reboot. There is the occasional report that Firefox has experienced an error and needs to close with the usual MS error reporting pop-ups - usually after I have closed FF myself. BTW I don’t use NOD32, so the problem may lie at Comodo’s door. I get no Events related to the problem in the logs. I guess that the next time it happens, I will have to try Unlocker and see if it gives me any hint.