CFP not working on a dynamic harddisc

My problem is that i can´t get Comodo (CFP to function properly when my system disc is dynamic.

Have tried deleting all partions on disc, installing Win XP Pro, drivers and my programs onto a basic harddisc and THEN converting my harddisc into a dynamic disc. Comodo stopped working after reboot.

Then tried just formatting my systemdisc and installing everything on a already dynamic disc. Same thing happens.

Comodo reports that network firewall is not function properly, and that i should use diagnostic tool to repair.
But diagnostic tool dosen´t find any errors ???

What should i do ?? How do i get Comodo up and running on my dymamic harddisc ??

Thanks for your report. Please raise a support ticket about described issue: and let us know about results.

Have done as suggested.
Returns when i know more …

I guess this problem is not easy to fix.
Haven´t heard anything from comodo, other than a request about some additional system info.

Anyone on this board that have anything to say about Comodo firewall and dynamic harddisc´s ??? ???

This issue was already mentioned here;msg148914#msg148914

I stick with 2.4 which still works fine with dynamic disks. Since this is a free offer I can wait. As long only a few people use dynamic discs in combination with Comodo we only can wait and repost from time to time.