CFP( is daily saying updates are available, But none are???

I am running CFP(
Here lately, I can’t remember exactly how long, CFP is daily prompting me that updates are available and asking would I like to download now and I always click yes.
The past couple of times before I click yes, I click the “update details” link and the page with the details displays in my browser(FF3) but there is no new updates…

Is there truly hidden updates that it is downloading? OR Is there something wrong?

I’ve attached the prompt(cfp_update.png) that is displayed.


[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s the CIS update.

Comodo Internet Security is the 3.5 update of CFP 3.0. Uninstall CFP 3.0, And Download & Install CIS (You can uncheck the AV If you want to).

And there you have Comodo Firewall 3.5 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!!!, But today the update to 3.5 came down successfully!!!