CFP Crashes Everytime you check popup properties

Hi Folks

And a big Hi to all my friends here I haven’t seen since Beta testing V3 awhile back… (:WAV)

Anyway, I have an issue that is totally confirmed and reproducable that causes this CFP version to crash everytime.
Whenever a popup comes up saying that “such-N-such.exe” is trying to access (0’s are inserted) “” IP address and what do you want to do…anytime I click on the process/service/application exe to open it’s properties to see what this file is and who it belongs too, CFP crashes immediately.
This has happened every single time since the last update around a month ago, and I sent a notice along with another bug report that this behavior was also being noticed.

I’m on Vista 64bit and if someone else can help to confirm this then that would help allot. Whenever something causes a CFP popup that lists what is trying to access whatever IP addy, and what you want to do, even if you recognize the exe, please click on it’'s name to open the file properties and see if your CFP crashes also. Please report the findings in this post so it can be tracked.

I’ll add screenshots the very next time this happens to help clarify this for anyone who doesn’t quite get what I’m saying.


No problem on my Vista SP1 (UAC) x32.

Thx Ronny

So you didn’t have any problem understanding what I was talking about without accompanying screenshots eh… (:CLP)

I kinda knew that anyone who’s used to doing that to check what the process is or who it belongs too, would be able to see what I meant there, but it helps to have at least 1 person confirm that it’s understandable…even if you can’t confirm the problem…oh well.

Can anyone else check to see if this happens on your system? I know that most of us don’t get these popups too much anymore after awhile, we’ve pretty much gotten all our processes and exe’s all squared away in this regard by now, but someone must get one every now and then still…(sheepish grin)

I may reinstall CFP soon and see if this behavior continues again or not. Still tho, with this happening on EVERY attempt to do this since the last program update, it speaks to me of a program issue and not just a temporary glitch.

Have the screenshots now.
As usual, CFP crashed immediately upon checking a popup properties. I knew it wouldn’t be long…

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Hello Chappy,

I read somewhere on the forum someone had a problem with this also.
But only when he had the password protection activated Misc settings, Settings Parental Control.
Can you confirm this ?

Cool. I didn’t even know of the files’ properties that way :-[ ;D.

I have 32 bit XP SP2 and don’t have this issue. Even tried the password protection feature for the first time.

You confirm bug that is on 64 bit systems; it was first encountered in 3.0.16 version IIRC. There are at least 2 topics on bug reports board about exactly same issue. 32 bit systems are not affected.

Edit: bug reports board topics:

Hi Folks

Sorry, I was away for awhile so I couldn’t do much with this, but it looks like we have a Winner!

So, this is a bug with 64bit systems eh, I kind of thought as much since it was an immediate crash as soon as the link was clicked, and it happens every single time without fail. Also the fact that I used this feature without issue since the Beta days and it was only after the last program update that this started to happen.
Ok, so at least it’s known now and should get fixed soon (I hope).

SoyaBeaner - Yah, this little feature is incredibly useful if you don’t recognize the process that’s calling the connection. It makes the decision so much easier and I’m glad you now know about this, it’s sure to be a great help for you in the future.

Looks like I’ll have to throw my hat into those other posts on the subject now, Thanx for all your replies here folks!!

Oh, BTW Ronny, No, I don’t have any Parental settings activated and no Password Protection…single user machine so that’s not needed in my case. Thx for that info tho!!

I can confirm that I have same bug without using parental settings, nor password. :slight_smile:

Hey Chappy O0

Hiya tyl


I gotta show this one to my kid…he’ll LUV it!
BTW, let’s hope we can get this one fixed for 64bit systems soon, I use that feature all the time as I’m sure you do too.



Well this has been a known bug for well over a month or more now and there’s been nothing done about it yet?

This is a security feature I used to use all the time and now I can’t anymore since that update killed it on 64bit systems. C’mon guys, lets at least get a minor update out to fix this issue please!! Obviously it used to work so it can’t be all that big a deal to track just what in that update killed it for 64bit, and release a fix for it. I write code too so I know it’s not “that” hard to find the bug and fix it, since it was working fine once but an update changed it, it’s well known where the problem started so finding this bug should be easy enough.

I check for updates twice a week hoping that a quick fix release will be available but every week I’m disappointed. I need this feature back please, it’s big time useful and since it’s a simple call for the process properties info it can’t be all that hard to get it fixed.