Comodo firewall usually updates itself at a certain time every day. Where in this application can I alter the time in which it is scheduled to run? I just want to alter it a few minutes. Thanks for any positive help.

The only updates come when a new version comes out. Comodo has never updated daily from what I know. There is no scheduler for the updates.

Mine usually updates itself on my pc at 4:54 PM daily. So this is something that is done by comodo at that time as long as I am connected to the internet?

You can simply turn off auto updates since the forums will tell you all you need to know.

But as far as I can see, a new file is downloaded just about every day. Isn’t it best to keep it on to keep the file definitions up to date as possible? I forgot to say thanks for responding and so quickly at that.

There is no new files being downloaded everyday. What files are you talking about? Possibly the built in malware scanner but I never use it.

I have the settings set as default since I d/l comodo. Something, I don’t know what, get checked for new files everyday and if there is a new one it gets updated if not it doesn’t. What would that be then?