CFP x32 Bugs

Sorry for the generic description in the subject, but it would too much time to make a topic + subject for every issue:

  • CFP breaks uPnP. You can add custom rules to allow uPnP traffic, but something like uPnP should be defined by default as a firewall rule and should be easily turned on/off.

  • incomplete listing of predefined ports:
    * email ports are missing 587 (SMTP MSA), 995 (POP3-SSL) and 996 (IMAP-SSL)

    • web ports are missing 8080 (proxy) or non-default (but used) ports like 81.
    • no predefined ports for IRC/BitTorrent/UPnP/SSH/IM/SNMP
  • No option to use a firewall event to define a custom rule

  • CFP keeps submitting the same files to Comodo after doing a lookup though Proactive Defense / Review. Hence it alse pop-ups the very same error (cannot submit file…) once in a while.

  • Unable to use SHIFT to select multiple files at once in Proactive Defense > Review Pending Files

  • ICMP Filtering though Global Rules is way too limited. No option to block specific ICMP subtypes or use ICMP’s by their number/subtype-number.

  • Defense+ popup (e.g. Defense+ is learning…) in lower left corner of the screen blocks the answer buttons of other Comodo dialogue boxes.

  • No automatic popup to add Trusted Software Vendors when an application launches which is signed with a Code Signing Certificate.

  • CFP does not recognize “My Network Zone” (e.g. as a private/trusted network: Printing to a shared printer pop-ups a dialogue box saying an application is trying to connect to the internet, even though the IP is local (, which is most definitely, not the internet) and within my network zone

  • No option to update to beta / RC versions using the build-in updater

Apart from these, the UI of Comodo looks very good, is functional and allows easy access to all options once you’re used to them. The Purge button is excellent and is something I’ve been missing in a lot of other apps (e.g. NOD32 for example). Overall, is seems like an excellent firewall which just need a bit of polishing here and there. (B)

Suggest you go to the beta board and download the 3.0.14 test version where many of these are fixed. As far as email ports, 993 is actually the IMAP SSL port and is there, as are 995 and 587. For HTTP ports, 8080 is there but you will need to add any less common ports yourself. I don’t use P2P, but there are threads you can search that talk about how users set the ports with the popups and existing problems. Comodo may add more autorules in the future? Firewall events allow you to select from the library of custom rulesets, but not define one on the fly. ICMP events can be selected by type and code under “custom” if you don’t like the limited selection in the menu. Updater has some problems that should be fixed in the next version. You can drag and drop the “D+ is learning” to wherever you want and CFP will remember. Give 3.0.14 a try, it may solve some of your other issues (and maybe generate a few more comments :wink: ) But you can probably find recent thread here on the remaining issues for next week final.