CFP RC1 General Feedback/Impressions (Not for Bug Reports)

Something I Would love, is a nice graphical “Traffic Monitor”

Nothing fancy, thou…

With a simple “Bytes IN - Bytes OUT”
“Total Uploaded - Total Downloaded”
Would it make CFP look even better than now!

A Cosmetic change, where…?
Right in the summary page,
Where the actual traffic monitor stands now.

Something like the one used in Online Armor,
or a smal one like the one in Sunbelt Personal Firewall.

Just a wish, to add to the “BEST Firewall around”!

Maybe in next version?

Thanks a Lot COMODO!!! (R) (V)

I wish the DNS resolution insted only the IP

I use the Firewall only.

Where is the parent?

Specify a parent? Learn the parent?

Interesting to see my memory for some Comodo product in my computer so I attached the file.
I run CFP3 RC1, CAVS, CAS (antispam) 1.01, BOC 4.25.
All of these comodo products with its support files take 98.572KB (almost 99MB)
See attachments

I think CFP3 RC1 already close to mature program, but CAVS and the others need some revisit…

BTW I don’t feel any slow down in my system so far.

Best REgards.

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Welcome to the forums hansi4004

in CFP control over the parent/child process relationship has been shifted to D+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > Access Right > Run an executable. With the Computer Security Policy it is possible to control all the child proceses and more, however without D+ I don’t think you can control parent/child process relationship

Hope this helps


in CFP control over the parent/child process relationship has been shifted to D+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > Access Right > Run an executable. With the Computer Security Policy it is possible to control all the child proceses and more, however without D+ I don't think you can control parent/child process relationship

Ok with D+ it’s ok but the D+ is, sorry: big ■■■■, too slow many problems and so on.
But the 2.4 does not have a d+ and it’s work successfully.

Why does not create two version. Not all users use or want d+

The RC1 version has solved the interface problem: the full window is visible for 120 DPI on a 16:9 aspect monitor. I really enjoy the level of control that is possible with the Defense+ settings and the Firewall together. It is more hands-on than other similar features in AV/AS solutions that monitor the system without the slow-down and conflicts that the other guys entail. The alert level is much more bearable with the learning mode and I have been lucky to have had no problems with BOclean and AVG programs - simple learning mode rule creation done once and no other references to those programs. There are still a few rough edges that have to be ironed out, but it looks very slick already. (:CLP)

Training mode learns also unsafe software. Are you using CleanPC mode?

Yes, it runs in “Clean PC Mode”. I have only had one problem with a Trojan that was picked up by BOclean instantly and that was the first sign of trouble for over a year. I don’t really feel the need to designate any of the software that I use as “Unsafe”, but I may tinker with the permissions for Firefox and Thunderbird. There is no feeling of urgency.

Love the new RC. Been with Outpost since day one. I saw the direction the company was taking with their new OPF 2008 and ditched it forever. It doesn’t play nice with NOD32, Agnitum’s answer… disable the AS portion of the product during install. What a BS way out… I could list the things, just check out their forum…



Welcome aboard Mike…
you are in good hands with us…


Worked great the first time installing on Vista system…tested it on Gibson Research ( leak test passed, Shields Up also passed with full stealth. Great piece of software!!! :BNC

Glad you like it Blackhawk247, welcome to the forums,


Lovely Jubly,Melih
Know what i mean
With a slight improvement in remembering AVG you will have the best firewall that there is.
It is going to be very interesting to watch what the other people(firewalls)do.
Your patents are going to be very valuable.
With Grateful Thanks

How large is it after you run FreeRAM?

cheers Rambo :slight_smile:

just a reminder about a feature I requested a while ago. It hasn’t been implemented so far, although I was told then that it would be: I’m talking about the ability to scan a process with a third party anti-virus before allowing it through Def+. That feature has been implemented for a while in SSM and could be useful.;msg70959#msg70959;msg71440#msg71440

extremely stable now (I hadn’t really used it since the Alpha in June), wonderful interface, not resource demanding at all (cmdagent cpu picks from 2.4 don’t exist in 3.0). Both the firewall and the HIPS appear to me as a great software achievement. Thanks for that again Comodo! (:CLP)

adding: I don’t know if anybody is aware of that, but CFP 3.0 has probably been the most expensive product to develop in the history of freeware.


Thank you for acknowledging the amount of investment we have made! You are probably right! :slight_smile:


Do you reckon you might still scrape a couple more bucks together to add sorting/filtering options to the list of applications with D+ rules? ;))

Hi Malbeth,

There is a reason why the rules are not sortable. Because the order of the rules are very important in D+ and FW.

For example, if you notice, we have “All Applications” entry as the first entry in the rules. By default, D+ is configured to allow all applications to create files in temporary folders. This is achieved by the “All Applications” entry. If it were not the first entry, it would not work as expected. Especially when wildcards are involved, the order of the rules becomes crucial.

This is valid for the firewall rules too. So sorting is disabled for this very reason.

As a quick feature reminder, order of the rules can be easily changed in these grids by DRAG n DROP using the mouse.