CFP RC1 General Feedback/Impressions (Not for Bug Reports)

Something has to be wrong. I am using 5mb in total. Only extremely high traffic can cause that. Get ddosed a lot or p2p?

Without knowing anything, I would guess you might be doomed by the dreaded Norton AV. Even uninstalling that sucker when I got it for free was quite a chore. Are other NAV users having problems?-NAV plus Comodo actually seems like an odd combination. ???

You’re best using the removal tool on the Symantec website,it gets rid off all traces.

Surely Threatfire duplicates much of the protection within the Comodo firewall,a recipe for resource conflicts perhaps?

Does threatfire duplicate a lot of the basic firewall, or defense +? I only run the basic firewall.

NAV is not leaving my PC. Runs at about 4meg, and has very good detection. If anything I will try to remove boclean or threatfire. Boclean also has “grown” since the old days.

Ok, I closed some programs and waited a while. Now it has settled down to about 15meg. Much better than where it was at before. Maybe it grows the more you have open?

I don’t know if you’re getting the memory usage data the way I am or if you have some special program to give it to you (please let me know). The way I’m checking is simply doing CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up Windows Task Manager. The column called ‘Mem Usage’ shows 3,684 K for cfp.exe. (Of courrse this number is constantly changing, but not by much. In fact, it was 1920 K most of the time). Please correct me if I’m wrong, but does this mean Comodo is using just under 4MB of RAM? Is that good compared to Norton firewall and others? BTW, I like the new version so far–no repeat pop-ups!!!

I just looked up the process called cmdagent.exe and learned it stands for Comodo Agent Service. The Mem Usage column for that shows 8,304 K. So I guess my combined memory usage is 4MB for cfp.exe plus 8MB for cmdagent.exe = 12 MB. Once again, I don’t know if this is high or low, but I don’t feel any slow-down on my system. Oh, and just for a comparison, I have another computer right here running version 2.4 of Comodo, and the figure are: cfp.exe=15,764 K cmdagent=8,424 K. So the cmdagent is approx. the same, but the new RC1 version is about 12,000 K less than v2.4. Sounds good to me.

In older builds it seems like the two modules usually totaled 6-8 meg. It seems a bit larger now.

At the present time I am running RC1 Firewall only because I have SSM and there would be conflicts. RC1 seems to be great in comparison to 2.4. It seems to remember what you tell it much better. (:CLP)

XP pro SP2 , Mem 2GB , Atlon 4400 X2 asus board.

Un-installed SSM (detected by the installer). Run for 8 hours so far so good. I tried to launch all my applications (I have a lot). No problems except FTP passive mode where I have yo change the policy.
(Seamonkey and Firefox).
Good job in the right direction… :BNC

As described in the title: Is there any one-click-option to reset the settings to the installation defaults?
Please forgive me, if I just didn’t find it. :wink:


No, I don´t believe there is.

I think this would be a good Idea, but you would basically have to go through the wizards again as depending on your selections there could be many “Factory Default” configurations

You probably would only save yourself one reboot over uninstall and reinstall

Who knows this could end up in the Final release. It´s up to Melih and the Devs.

I know they are very active reading and considering all the posts and suggestions in the beta forums

OD (CNY) (CWY) (J)

I’m using the latest comodo firewall RC1 and it’s running just fine on my pc. Hasn’t slowed anything down. Running in “Clean PC” mode in the “Defense Plus” settings. I also am using Comodo BOclean 4.25., and no problems with it existing with the firewall. All in all I really appreciate the effort Comodo has put into making a very fine product for those of us who need layered protection. All of this and it’s free. Thanks Comodo. See my sig for other programs I am running. (:CLP)

I wish “Block and terminate application” could be added to the alerts of firewall and D+ .


V3 firewall alerts mimick thesame V2 details.
Anyway the current dialog implementation can be confusing.

I would like to suggest that V3 alert details should match V3 Firewall alert level or the user may be mislead.

Plus there should be an option to decrease the level of details a generated rule should have if the alert leve permit it.

So if an user has set a very high alert level clicking Allow generate the usual detailed rule.
But using dropdown enabled buttons, if the user click on the down arrow part of the buttons there should be a menu listing all the other alternatives for lower alert level settings. This will add much more flexibility.

So a very high alert level dialog can create default rules with protocol ports IPs and in/out details but there will be a chance to generate less detailed rules using ANY.

A very high alert dialog should have Five alternate rules (including the default one) an high alert dialog should have four alternate rules and so on.

I exchanged few ■■■ with rcbblgy after reading his post;msg100759#msg100759

As I tested this I found out that is possible to generate rules without wildcards only using alerts.
If a rule is generated using a training mode (training with safe too) then there are rules with wildcard.

As I understand that this design decision was made in order to reduce rule cluttering I wish to suggest an additional option
in D+ in order to let the use choose this behaviour and override the default setting.

Defense+ * policy is a huge improvement to acknowledge the need of few users which would like a less noisy HIPS.

as I tested this new setting to harden my security I found few features I needed (please if it was not intended don’t remove it)

I can override trusted/installer poilicies and I can enforce protection even if CFP gui is closed.
I’ve not tested this extensively but I hope I’ll be able to protect only few critical places at bootup too (a way to log V3 actions during bootup would be a nice addition)

It would be nice to have a * policy to handle bootup or host protection when V3 is closed.
Another addition would be the ability to finetune the installer policy to log all the changes and an option to add some conditional ask permissions (defaut to ask nothing, this way there will be no issues because ask is much like allow, but it will be possible to create an alternate protection ask setting)

A not operation would be useful too to archieve something like NOT in this path or NOT in this registry branch.

My posts towards the bottom of page 2 kind of got lost in the shuffle. Can someone please read them and help me determine the way you calculate memory usage. Sort of new at this and don’t want to be completely in the dark. ??? Thanks all.

You are correct that’s the way we all check memory usage. I have similiar values.