CFP initialization

Just updated from 2.3 to 2.4.

I notice that when I hover on the CFP tray icon after windows comes up it always says it is being initialized. As far as I can tell everything seems to be OK though.

If I exit CFP and then start it manually I do get the normal message on the tray icon.

Any thoughts on this? Perhaps there is some sort of conflict at XP startup time?

It’s a cosmetic (only) blip. You might check these out:,2397.0.html,6339.0.html

Some users have noted that by accessing the “security level” from the systray icon (without making changes) it returns to normal.

I believe it will be addressed in the next release (but make no guarantees).

If you want to verify that your FW is up and running, you can do the following:

Go to Start/Run, type in “devmgmt.msc”
Go to View/Show Hidden Devices
Scroll down to Non Plug N Play Drivers
Find the entries for Comodo Network Engine, Comodo Application Engine; as long as they’re showing in good order (no red “x” or yellow “!”) you’re good to go, as this shows the core of the firewall is running…


Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried the security level trick you mentioned. In my case I have to set it to something else before I get the normal icon message. Then of course I change it back to what I had in the first place.

I checked DM as you instructed and all is well.

So I’ll chalk it up to a ‘blip’ as you stated.

No problem, streetwolf. I saw that happen once at home; I was experiencing some issues with CAVS having a slow loadtime, and installed a startup manager. I have not seen it since. I don’t know whether it was a just a load-time issue or something else; I never got to try anything else to “fix” it. Hopefully it will indeed be fixed with v3 (I think I read that, but I’m not sure…).