CFP is not recognized by Windows Security Center as active [Resolved]

Either with the new version
‘Comodo’ is identified by the Windows Security Center.
But it is related as being disabled :cry:
The security level is ‘Custom’ (for sure).

Any solution non-trivial as disabling/enabling WSC service, uninstalling/installing CPF again, etc.?

This was happening before:,2004.msg16631.html#msg16631,2100.msg16096.html#msg16096

We already discussed the importance of the WSC…
Just want a solution, if possible ;D

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Hi Tech. I had the same problem, but the fix was fairly easy for the most part.
I am running Win XP Pro an this is whay I did to correct the problem.
Go to control panel and open Administrative tools.
Click on services.
Go down to Windows Managament Instrumentation.
Stop this service. along with Security Center.
Exit out of this area to your desktop.
Right click Start and choose Explore.
Go down to c:\windows\system32\wbem\repository.
Delete this subdirectory ONLY.
Exit back to your desktop and reboot your computer.

CPF should now be recoginized.

Good luck.

(B) Lee

Lee, very very thanks.
I’ve done what you’ve posted and have to boot twice to get everything ok.
Now Comodo is recognized again by WSC. (B) (R)

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Thats great Tech. Glad that I was able to offer a little help.
Have a great weekend. (:KWL)

(B) Lee

Leebme, I have a two user account, and having a simular problem. With both accounts logged on, if I log completely off my wife’s Full Admin account, and then click to get back on my Full Admin account, often there will be the security center icon in system tray along with the CPF icon. Usually this just flashes very quickly and goes away, but today it stayed for a few seconds. Thanks ahead of time for any help.


This is normal. CPF is already initialised, but reporting to windows security center is one of the last things CPF does when initialising so windows doesn’t recognise it as on during this time.


Great, thanks Mike i really appreciate your reply. I was hoping it wasn’t anything major. Take care and have a nice weekend.

Your welcome. Have a nice weekend to you as well. :slight_smile: