CF in Launchpad

I noticed that the Comodo Personal Firewall doesn’t show in the launchpad.
It would’ve been nice to have all products it one place. (:WIN)

Yes, it probably would and that was how it originally was. But, public opinion voted to get rid of LP & allow CPF/CAVS to have their own systray icons. I guess this might have been because some people were only running CPF or CAVS, thus LP was a hindrance. It just required more clicks to get at the single program the user had installed. Perhaps, in the future, when users are running multiple Comodo products they will change their minds & start suggesting that something like LP would be a good idea.

My opinion, LP was a good idea. But, it didn’t take into account that many users initially only start with one product… with just one product LP is a pain to use. LP was just before its time. When both CPF & CAVS have their own systray icons, I hope LP will be modified to allow CPF & CAVS to be merged back into LP (an optional type of thing).

Agree that LP was a good idea because its integrate multiple apps in to a systray icon. But I think most of us still prefer individual icon because… “we used to it”. Probably, it takes time to feel comfortable with it.

I have most of the posts on this topic, and think that having CPF on the launch pad would be a great idea. I am like several of the other posters have started with just CPF and then added the CAV. I am still thinking about downloading more of your software.

Me too. Looking forward for more quality software from Comodo.

(B) Hi all, new to this forum lark so bear with me… I loaded CAV & CPF on one of my systems a while back, and that one still shows CPF within Launchpad even though it’s been auto updated to the latest versions. Recently loaded CAV {Launchpad} on my ‘away from home’ pc and that one, although allowing me to select & install CPF from within Launchpad, now no longer shows CPF.
I personally prefer all within Launchpad. would an option be possible?

PS great products, far better and easier to use than what i had before (:CLP)

Probably not. CPF does not integrate into LP in new installation.

Hi all, as Kail stated, everything WAS once integrated into launchpad. But the number of those who DIDN’t want it outwieghed those who did by a long shot. Of course you can put this in the wish list but i’m not so certain this would be put in again. If it was I would think it would have to be left as an option and another note, many complained about having the launchpad icon along with other icons in the tray and despised this. As I stated, put this into the wish list and you never know. :wink: