CF-CMF incompatibility

Details here and here.

In both cases 2 ways to get rid of problem: either rename guard32.dll (CF library) and reboot or add cvtres.exe (or stclient_wrapper.exe) to CMF exclusion list.

Does anyone from CMF development interested in specific apps which have incompatibility issue(s) with CMF (cpu 100% load), until these apps are added to CMF exclusion list. I have 3 currently (2 which i mentioned earlier and 1 new), others may have their own list(s) of such apps.

So ?

I was hoping this would b fixed too or reply have not updated Open Office still have 2.3 because of this problem.

my Vista Home operates super slow after i install a CMF thats why i uninstall it and continue using my CFP-3, Comodo BoCLEAN and, Avast! Home Edition Antivirus.