CF 8.1 doesn't updt to 8.2

Hello to all.
I know there is a new release of CF, I can download it from the web site but my one I have installed (8.1) says there are no updates.
That update is not yet available on the server where my CF 8.1 go to looking for or it is a bug?
I’m asking because I remember if I install manually a newer version I’ll lose all my settings, and this scenario I want to never happen again!

Tks in advance

CIS 8.2 is not yet available as an in-program update, it may be a few days to a few weeks. If you download the update and install it that way then your current config will be saved but not enabled by default, you need to go into the settings and activate your old config.

Ok, tks mate. That’s what I suspect to be, infact
I’ll do a ghost image of my system and I’ll try what you suggest, tks for your time!

Looking at the other posts on this forum it seems like the in-program update is in the process of rolling out, if you search for updates you might get it, if not it should probably be available within hours/couple of days.

It is now available:

Yes, it is!

Tks for your time!