cevpn wont uninstall

I am trying to uninstall easy vpn so that I can re-install it. I click to uninstall it, and it takes me through the usual procesess. it goes through all the motions it is supposed to…it even takes me to the uninstallation survery screen. but after it says that it uninstalled, I go and find that its still on my computer! why does it say it uninstalled when it really didnt? and how can I fix this???

please help me.

I have the 64 bit version on a windows 7 server

Hi caseymeyer,
Had you got “reboot dialog” after uninstall? try again and reboot your pc,that may work.

no I do not recieve a “reboot” dialogue. I go through the process to uninstall it, and I am told the process is complete, but i go back into my computer to find it still there. it just wont uninstall. nothing happns.