CESM Stops During Installation

Hi All

I need your help.

I am installing CESM 1.6xx on a SBS2008 x64 environment.

I have also installed SQL Express 2008 R2.

I had forefront security running but disabled that using technet guides using fscutility /disable

I had installed the console but forgot to add the CESM server and am doing that now using the change function on install. However after inputting the license xml file and pressing change I get a status bar which stops and reports the following error:

Network error occured while attempting to read from

I checked this folder and found that the folder named MSIB5C8.tmp is missing. I was tempted to just create one but then went this is complex sh*t and need your help first.

Pls help. TIA.

Hi All

Used uninstall first and got rid of ESM and then reinstalled from .exe

Went through but did report some errors and can’t login from the console to the server.

Environment: SBS 2008 x64 on a Dell Poweredge using Xeon processor with 4GB RAM, used as DC, AD, DNS, DHCP, Exchange, file server.

Any help on this issue?