CESM saying a computer ins't in the tree when it clearly is


We’ve got a workstation that is in the computers tree in an OU that is populated with other workstations but CESM is saying that is isn’t.

This computer was always in that OU and was originally imported with the rest of the computers from the Active Directory.

The error message about it not being in the computers tree happens every minute and soon fills up the notification area.

How can I tell CESM the computer is there and actually start installing CIS onto it?



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I wonder if this system’s Agent/service is not running properly, so that it’s not showing up green in the Console as a connected system. Either that, or if there’s a physical network connectivity issue (malfunctioning NIC, bad cable, etc).

What version of CESM and CIS are you running?


Try new CESM 1.4.