CESM or Web Portal For Home Users

In CESM 2.* there was the opportunity to have a free 10 Client license, but this does not appear to be the case with CESM 3.0

With Homes now having one or more Desktops for the family, each person in the home having their own Laptop or Tablet as well as / or an Android phone would something like this be useful ?

I moved this to the CESM board so the right people can see it. MichelB :wink:

I like the idea. This would also work great for cell phones running CMS and tablets. Currently if CMS is installed on a tablet, AntiTheft does not work if it is a standard tablet without a 3G modem in it.

New ESM product manager has been advised. Ilker - your thoughts?

Thanks for the heads up wasgij6 :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Current ESM is targeting corporate space and features have been tailored with this purpose.

We might have some other news for home users soon :wink:


Ahhh. I like the possibility of the chance of “might” hearing news for home users! :slight_smile:

:-TU +1

Looking forward to hearing more :slight_smile: Any teasers on PC or web based :smiley: